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Our mission is clear: to equip product managers in software technology companies with the resources they need to excel in their roles. Whether you're an entry-level PM or an executive, SFPG is your go-to destination for driving collective product knowledge and best practices. Our diverse community includes professionals from various cross-functional teams, including marketing, merchandising, sales, engineering, and UX, all united by a shared passion for product excellence.

At SFPG, we recognized a pressing need within the product management community. Existing forums and content sources often provide outdated or hard-to-find information, leaving industry professionals without a centralized hub for valuable insights. SFPG was born from a commitment to fill this gap, providing a platform where product management practitioners can learn, practice, share, and expand on their knowledge and leadership skills.

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Malu, Supply Chain PM

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” - Steve Jobs.
I have been productizing my love for learning by building and selling software products since I was 13.

I started my career as a Java Programmer with one rule in mind: "say-yes-and-figure-it-out-with-Google ''. This shaped me to be a dependable engineer with a strong foundation in data engineering, systems architectural design, and distributed systems. 

I found my niche in retail commerce supply chain and built inter-organizational information systems for supply chain workflows for major retailers - Amazon, Whole Foods, Home Depot, and Krogers. Throughout this tenure with my employers & non-profit organizations, I hired, mentored, and coached 100s of professionals to find their big why, set goals, and pursue them.

Mia, Data PM

With over 3 years of dynamic experience as a Data Product Manager at The Home Depot, Mia has been instrumental in driving the intersection of business analytics and data engineering to elevate data excellence for a diverse range of professionals including software engineers, analysts, data scientists, and product managers.

Mia's career trajectory began with a foundation in Civil Engineering, graduating from GT, where she gained invaluable internship experience. Transitioning into the fast-paced startup environment, Mia honed her skills before finding her niche in Product Management. Her journey from Civil Engineering to Product Management exemplifies her adaptability and commitment to continuous growth, while also contributing to the diversity of perspectives within the product management field.

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